Marine Conservation Happy Hour


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The Marine Conservation Happy Hour is a podcast that looks at the many different sides of Marine Science and Conservation in an informal setting - a during a pub Happy Hour, chatting casually over a few (or more) drinks. The show is co-hosted by Andrew Lewin, @Craken_McCraic, and @DrScarlettSmash. Everyone is a marine scientist who is passionate about the Ocean, marine mammals (whales, seals, dolphins, porpoises, polar bears and more), sharks and other fish, invertebrates (especially squid & octopuses because they are cool), and other marine biology things that live under the sea. Join us as we gossip about, for example, how shows like Game of Thrones are similar to Marine Conservation, the sex lives of sea creatures, hot marine science & conservation topics of the week and learn about the challenges of attaining a marine biology or conservation career.

MCHH 329: Strandings

We talk dolphin and whale strandings with Dan Jarvis from British Divers Marine Life Rescue. Anyone can join the organization, whether they SCUBA dive...
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MCHH 328: Seal Hospital

Dan Jarvis from British Divers Marine Life Rescue joins us to talk about the brand new seal hospital that just opened in the southwest UK! It's in the...
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MCHH 327: Moms

Moms! A baby! Marine science careers! Listening to parents and their experiences and needs is our first step towards a better future for STEM professi...
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MCHH 325: Eco Travel

Fresh off of Awesome Con, Dr. Smash reflects on the carbon-conscious travel she did to get to and from the convention, plus the measures her hotel too...
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MCHH 324: The Abyss movie science

We're still, still, still at Awesome Con. We know. Dr. Craken just finished being on a panel about The Abyss, as in the 1989 movie. We know it got a l...
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MCHH 322: Aquaman movie science

We're still at Awesome Con! The science of Aquaman (2018 with Jason Momoa) is not great. So let's have some fun with why science would just destroy th...
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MCHH 321: What is Awesome Con?

We are at Awesome Con!! Let us tell you about it, including how science plays a big role in this annual pop culture convention. Check out more episode...
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