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Zach and Andy record their conversations in a tree house.

Episode #22 - Mitch Williams

Zach and Andy chat with Mitch Williams. You might know him as “the Bookie”. They discuss Pangea, big fish and the waterways of America. They also brea...
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Episode #21 - We Have 2 Shirts

Andy and Zach talk about MJ, the royals, and reflect on the last couple years. the talk to Rolf about Daft Punk and sing a love song. Email -- mckob@y...
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Episode #19 - Jim Kacalek

Andy and Zach spend a delightful evening with Jim Kacalek. They discuss plans to build a vessel to circumnavigate the world, as well as identify thing...
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Episode #17 - First Friday

Andy and Zach reconvene after a crazy summers end. This episode is brought to you by Subway - Keizer and Independence locations. Make it what you want...
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Episode #15 - Gold Coins to a Cat

Andy and Zach talk about Phil Collins, time travel, and coins. They also discuss centaurs, socks, and Andy tells the second greatest story ever told. ...
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