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Masala History is a podcast on the history of India and the Indian Subcontinent hosted by a historian and an art historian. We talk a lot of history and a little of historical gossip! New episode comes out every three weeks.

Episode 14 | Kanhoji Angre

In this episode, we explore the history of Kanhoji Angre and his exploits in the Arabian Sea, particularly against the British East India Company. ...

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Episode 12 | Begum Samru

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She was a concubine, courtesan, wife, lover, warrior, leader, ...

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Episode 10 | Devi Mahatmya

Is she the great illusion or the gravest ignorance? Is she the destroyer of Mahisha or the avenger of the demonic twins Shumbha and Nishumbha? Is s...

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Episode 9 | Manasollasa

How did one cook fish in medieval South India? Was there an ideal woman for a king to marry? Were pedicures a thing? In this podcast, we discuss th...

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Episode 8 | Nur Jahan

The history of Mehr-un-Nissa, the future Empress Nur Jahan, twentieth and last wife of Emperor Jahangir, is marked by intrigue, bravery, and everyt...

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Episode 5: Pem Nem

Pem Nem, a love story of longing, despair, and ultimate unification is discussed in this pod as an example of the multicultural...

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