Masks and Mayhem


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A superhero RPG podcast

Ch. 50 – The Ghost of You

Plenty to do in the shadow of the events in Highwind City. Brock reconnects with his son. Ruby sharpens her skills. Yardak defends the honor of Atlant...
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Ch. 49 – The Sins of the Father

The journey continues, going down to Highwind City's Underground district. The team makes new allies and new enemies in this strange corner of the wor...
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Ch. 48 – The Gears Keep Turning

When a friend goes missing, the gang gets some assistance to help find them. The journey takes them to Lazerhawk's old stomping grounds of Highwind Ci...
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Ch. 45 – Hell Above

Yarkalen, prince of Atlantis, comes to Riverside. Yardak attempts to show his oldest friend his new home. Lazerhawk seeks out a suspect.
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Ch. 43 – Earth Below

Never a day to rest for the heroes of Riverside City. Lazerhawk takes on a new role. Yardak catches up with a friend. Ruby and Rickard get away from w...
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Ch. 41 – An Old Familiar Sting

The team reconnects at a special event. Ruby starts a new chapter. Lazerhawk makes Riverside home. Yardak searches for information. The post Ch. 41 – ...
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