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Udo, Dr. Tom and Tim (and sometimes special guests) deep dive into history to teach a new subject each week. We try and gather as much info as we can and deliver it in an entertaining way.

Episode 14: Tycho Brahe

After a bit of a long break, we are back! This time we take a look into the near mystical life of the science wizard, Tycho Brahe! There are moose and...
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Episode 11: The Mad Monk

Episode 9 and 10 have audio issues that are beyond me at this time. I will release them as I learn how to fix them. On the plus side, enjoy the new au...
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Episode 8: Yi Sun-Shin

Prepare for one of the most amazing war stories ever told! We check out the Imjin war, and its war god, Yi Sun-Shin! One of the last episodes before w...
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