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Interview podcast with successful musicians, who share their best tips for success and their experiences in the world of music

Best Of – Part 2

Welcome to Master in Music the musical podcast where I Petronella Torin tries to resolve the magic behind really great music. I like to invite you to ...
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Episode 16 – The Hebbe Sisters

This year’s Christmas gift in Master in Music offers a three-in-one interview with the fantastic swinging sisters Emelie, Josefine and Maria, The Hebb...
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Episode 15 – Gun-Britt Gustafsson

In a distant place in the Swedish forest lies a village called the “tune” village there in the sunny meadow lies a red cottage built in the old manner...
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Episode 14 – Niels Ullner

Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you all are doing well and taking care of yourself. I am keeping up my grand need of teaching cello on my youtube channel...
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Episode 13 – Michelle Powell

Do you want to be your own CBO of your life and teaching studio? Or maybe reach your wildest dreams?! How about being a fantastic teacher?! even durin...
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Episode 12 – Alban Faust

During three decades Alban Faust has performed on prominent folk music scenes throughout Europe, both as a soloist and with different bands. He has al...
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Episode 11 – Ulf Wadenbrandt

From local drum teacher to international rock conductor for The Band ARIA to becoming the Principal guest conductor for the Russian Philharmonic Orche...
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Best Of – Part 1

Corona times and we are all locked up in our houses, concerts are cancelled and we are asking what should we do now? I have made a smaller episode whe...
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