Middle School ReMix


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Middle School ReMix is the real-time story of how KIPP Academy in Houston, TX - the founding school of one of the nation’s most successful public charter school networks - is taking a risk and mixing things up to make a really good school into a transformational educational experience.

Thinking Back, Looking Forward

In the final episode of Season 1, veteran KIPP teacher and former KIPP student, Lorena Vega, shares two stories that give perspective on how KIPP Acad...
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Students at KIPP Academy take to the streets (the ones just outside our campus) to march in support of all immigrants at and within our borders. 
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No One Sucks at Math

KIPP Academy students and teachers break down our Double-Dip Math Block model. We get into the good, the bad, and the reasons why it had to be changed...
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The Case for Change

In the first ever episode of Middle School ReMix, former KIPP student and current KIPP Courage math teacher Yansy Salmeron shares her thoughts on why ...
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