Millennial Mullet vs The World


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Join The Millennial Mullet every week on an epic journey as he unlocks the power of his mullet in order to save all of humanity from themselves. This is Millennial Mullet vs The World.

Joe Exotic vs Carole Baskin

On this episode, I explain why Silicon Valley is made of marshmallows, take a look at Marvels brand new non-binary superheroes, review The Tiger King,...
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Drake's Ego vs Pickup Basketball

On this episode, I square up with a guy on the golf course (kind of), MAGA pigeons rule, celebrities play pickup basketball, a guy thinks he's a cybor...
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One Woman vs Four Men

On this episode, I took a look back at my thanksgiving week, an exercise bike ad is sexist, Max is a disgrace, women rule the world, and much more! --...
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Waitr vs Door Dash

On this episode, a Waitr employee tries to size The Mullet up, we look at the great American heroes that protested at the Harvard vs Yale game, Jussie...
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