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Hosted by two best friends with an unhealthy interest in the eerie and unnatural. True crime, paranormal/extraterrestrial, and gross history are among the topics discussed, though we know we aren't too good for a vast majority of things in life so we're open to all. Find us wherever you listen to podcasts! Shout out to Gravity Sound on YouTube for providing our intro! Direct inquiries, show suggestions, and love letters to misdeeds.malarkey@gmail.com

Episode 10: Richard Chase

HAPPY FUCKING OCTOBER YA'LL.  We're kicking off our Spooktober Spectacular with the story of the Vampire of Sacramento and his stupid fuckin...
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Episode 9 - The Dancing Plague

Whoops we're a day late sorrrrrrryThis week we talk about Dolly Parton (DUH) and the OG dancing queens.  We take you back to 1518 France when peo...
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Episode 8: Viola Freakin' Liuzzo

Viola Liuzzo.  Civil Rights Activist.  One Bad B.  Brittney and Laycee's new queen.Viola Liuzzo was a housewife who said "eff this" to racism and...
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