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Monday Morning Laughs for Geeks

Time Travel

Recorded April Fool's Day 2013. Carl has an incident at the local Henny Penny. Karen tells you why you suck. Professor Igor J. Schmeckle addresses the...
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Comedy Consultant

Carl and Richard hire Jessie Sternshus, a professional comedy consultant, to help the crew maintain their comedic edge. Karen's sister's doctor prescr...
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We get a Sponsor!

We did it! We finally got a REAL Sponsor!. Carl spaces out on Things I've Learned This Week. We learn what REALLY happened to Shmeckle. Karen scours h...
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Penis Mom

Holy crap, Karen! Have some Google Love! Karen Mangiacotti is THE PENIS MOM. She tells us all about how her blog post went viral and what it was all a...
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Bout Friggin Time!

Carl shares some unintentionally inappropriate domain names, Karen reads misleading news headlines, Old Naked Guy makes the news, Mark and Karen are.....
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The Poop and Nuts Show

Carl is feeling a little bloated. Mark and Karen join a commune. Carl shares a Satchmo tune by Solvo. Karen has her own amazing tale of poo, or is it ...
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The Christmas Show

Recorded December 5th, 2009, this one sat in the vault and got forgotten. Carl's so friggin lame. Mark and Karen announce Cockblock #7 and generally k...
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Dwayne Goes to Hell

Mark and Karen tied the knot! Carl sends Dwayne to Hell on an important mission, Karen goes off on Glamour Magazine, Carl has problems with products a...
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Back with a Vengence!

Carl's got neighbor problems. Mark and Karen have a very disturbed child. New Franklin Brothers Music! Carl experiences *really* hot food in a new way...
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