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More Than Standard's mission is to lead 10,000 young men and women on fire for Jesus to integrate the supernatural presence and power of Jesus with their daily life...stuff. God and the "real" world should not be separate. High schoolers are waking up and realizing that church on Sunday doesn't work anymore. They are realizing that Jesus is every single day--he is everything, in everything--but they need help in making this their personal reality. And they usually don't feel worthy of his attention. The More Than Standard podcast is an uppercut to the jaw of Holy Spirit truth--that you ARE worthy. You ARE valuable. You ARE a powerful atmosphere changer at your school, in your home, in your future, in your own head. You are capable, you are able, you are smart, you are NEEDED. Listen as we tackle subjects across the spectrum, from college essays to prophetic words of knowledge, from the SAT to praying for physical healing, from how to beat test anxiety to hearing the voice of God. You are worth everything to Jesus. He's worth you giving everything for him. Go be an atmosphere-changer.

Ep. 1 - Origins

The beginning of More Than Standard. The heart. What Jesus is going to do in you as you join and listen.www.morethanstandard.comGrab the prophetically...
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