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The MotherF**cker In A Cape podcast series is an informal chat moderated by R. Alan Brooks (writer & co-creator of The Burning Metronome comic book) and Jordan Froelich (the comics guru at Mutiny Information Cafe). We talk with comic book creators, nerd activists and key figures from areas of geek culture that aren't often explored. Geek culture is everywhere! MFIAC looks at where we can all fit into it.

White Guys Who Hate The Man!

Another classic 2016 episode, with my guests, Kevin Caron & Jake Fairly. (Kevin is now doing work on my new graphic novel, Anguish Garden!) They talk ...
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The 4 Color Rainbow Pt. 2

Part 2 of this classic episode from 2017: my guests Melanie Gillman and Dylan Edwards discuss LGBTQIA issues in comics!
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