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It’s just me in all my meness! That’s not a word is it.... whatever! Let’s go champs!!

Season 2

Been gone for a while.. Time to get back on track.
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Episode 14: The Butterfly Effect

Life is a process and everyone wants the shortcut. Co-hosts “Leonard Church And T Khali” bring some interesting perspectives to today’s show, let’s go...
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Toxic Masculinity

It’s the buzzword for black male culture today and that’s a problem man. Let’s talk about it.
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Episode 10: Shutdown or Shutdown?

This episode we explore changing the format! We are still learning, adapting and adjusting to bring you a unique but authentic podcast experience. Tek...
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2018 and what I learned......

2018 is closing and a new year is upon us. What have we learned and what will do with a new calendar year? I hope this episode will inspire you to mov...
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