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Feed your spirit with the sound of heaven! Musical Manna is our free Christian music podcast from The Secret Place. With an emphasis on soaking and intimacy in worship, these prophetic songs will leave you with an enduring sense of His presence and a hunger for more. Embark on a spontaneous journey of intimate worship and let your heart be captured for Him! New mp3 episodes are released every month, providing you with a constant flow of live praise and worship music. Many of these songs are live recordings of our worship services led by Pastor Ray Watson at Pursuit Church, Auckland, New Zealand ( These prophetic songs were birthed in our moments of encounter with God. Other songs come from the ministry of The Secret Place. Visit us online at for more free music downloads and worship albums.

Worthy of it all

This month’s podcast is Worthy of it all. The song by David Brymer was recorded live at home by Ry during lockdown. Spontaneous worship develops after...
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Take Another Kiss From Heaven

This month’s podcast was recorded live as a prophetic song of the Lord. It is an invitation for us to linger with Him in that place of intimacy with t...
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As the Day

This month’s podcast is a worship medley providing encouragement to those going through hardship or grief. As a prophetic song of the Lord, it reflect...
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Through It All

This month’s podcast encourages us to worship God through whatever circumstances we are experiencing. Use this song as a springboard into your own fac...
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Psalm 91

This month’s podcast was recorded live for one of Pursuit's online church services during lockdown in New Zealand due to Covid-19. Ray leads the onlin...
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It's in the Blood

This month’s podcast is a special release for the Easter season. This song is a prophetic declaration of the power of the blood of Jesus in our lives....
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Everything (medley)

This month’s podcast was recorded live for Pursuit’s first online church service during this time of lockdown in New Zealand due to Covid 19. Ray lead...
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Grateful Heart

This month’s podcast is a spontaneous, prophetic song declaring God’s goodness over our lives. Recorded live, Grateful Heart uses scripture to declare...
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I'll Be Your God

This month’s podcast is a spontaneous song about the covenant God made between Himself and humanity - I will be your God, if you will be My people.
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