My God, Too?


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God exists, but is God active in my life? Let’s talk about God’s role, the Bible and it’s role, as well as those surrounding us and their roles in our daily lives.

Sin 101

Welcome to Episode 11 (yes, episode 11) - Sin 101. In this episode, we’ll do a brief overview of sin, what it is, why it matters to your life, and whe...
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Prayer - Pt. 1

Welcome to episode 10, Prayer - Pt. 1. In it, we take a break from the regularly scheduled episodes to pray for the Corona Virus pandemic. Most of the...
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God Talk Pt. 1 - Chi

Episode 9 kicks off the 1st episode-long, podcast interview. In it, we talk to Chi, one of Gottie’s younger brothers, and have a real conversation abo...
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Take Note

Episode 8 comes fresh off the Keeping Track series, where we looked at how to keep track in 2020. Along with keeping track, you need to be able to tak...
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Keeping Track Pt. 4 - Alight

Welcome to episode 7, where we continue the Keeping Track series and discuss the inevitable after riding a train to your destination - alighting. That...
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Keeping Track Pt. 3 - The Ride

In episode 6 we get back to the “Keeping Track” series (see episodes 3 & 4). We previously talked about packing and making sure we have our ticket, no...
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At a Loss

In this episode, we take a break from the Keeping Track series given the recent news of the passing of the all-time great, Kobe Bryant. Hopefully this...
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Keeping Track Pt. 2 - Ticket Stub

Part 2 of Keeping Track, Ticket Stub, continues to look at how we stay on track for 2020 - regardless of our individual goals. We use the same proverb...
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Keeping Track Pt. 1 - Packing

In this episode, we look at how to stay on-track in 2020 - regardless of our individual goals. Once we have an understanding of this proverbial train ...
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Even saying things like “church folk” can seem to be “Christianese.” Honestly, what are some religious people even saying sometimes? In this episode, ...
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