My Japanese Green Tea


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Podcast 044: Wakoen

In this episode I interviewed Daisuke Horiguchi and Kyle Ketner of Wakoen. I was surprised by how much information they had to share. We talk about th...
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Podcast 043: Ikkyu

In this episode I interview Joelle and Aldo Bloise from Ikkyu. Ikkyu is an online store that sells Japanese tea from Kyushu, one of the main islands o...
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Podcast 039: DoMatcha

I’ve reviewed teas from DoMatcha before, they have all been very good. But I hadn’t recorded a podcast episode about this company until now. In this e...
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Podcast 038: Mizuba Tea

I had heard about Mizuba Tea many times before, but I hadn’t talked with its founder Lauren Danson until now. Mizuba Tea specializes in matcha. Natura...
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