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My Pocket Psych is all about the psychology of the workplace. Each episode, we'll examine the world of work and explore a topic through the lens of psychology. We'll aim to give listeners tips to help improve their experience of work - moving from surviving to thriving! My Pocket Psych is brought to you by WorkLifePsych Ltd and hosted by Dr. Richard MacKinnon and Pilar Orti.

Ep 098: Managing your boundaries

Richard and Pilar take a look at the importance of proactively and intentionally managing the boundaries between our various life roles. How do we pre...
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Ep 096: Fresh starts

Welcome to episode 096, where our focus is on fresh starts. Humans are attracted to what we call 'temporal landmarks’, which are date-based lines in t...
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Ep 095: Can a manager be a coach?

Welcome to the final episode in our series all about coaching. This time, Pilar and Richard look at the role of managers in coaching and how they them...
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Ep 093: Coaching for wellbeing

In this fourth episode of our latest series on coaching, Richard and Pilar look at a very important topic: how coaching can support our wellbeing. We ...
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Ep 092: Coaching for productivity

In this third episode of our current series on coaching, Pilar and Richard take a look at the application of coaching when it comes to productivity. T...
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Ep 090: How to approach coaching

Welcome to episode 90, where we kick off a new series all about coaching. In this first episode, we look at what coaching actually is, how it can be u...
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Ep 089: Productivity plus...?

In this episode, Richard looks at some of the factors we sometimes neglect in our pursuit of productivity. Increased productivity can simply lead to m...
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