My So Called Mess


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Follow Rachel as she overshares a funny glimpse into her messy life. Topics like dating, CrossFit, Bravo TV, and all things pop culture will work their way into each episode. She will also bring on some very special guests.

33: Dueling for Dick

Rachel talks about her sexting workshop, hanging a metal sheet, her ability to ignore children, sports, dating competition, Tinder people listening to...
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32: Sextiquette

Rachel talks about January, 2020, sext conversation length, ex-drama, kids, tinder, video chats, etc.
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31: Rachels Taz Tat

Rachel talks about the Holidays, calendars, tattoos, phone sex operators, doms, sugar babies, branding, kwanzaa, and some more.
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30: A Dry Quiet Blowjob

Rachel talks about blowjobs, death, if she can drive, Thanksgiving, sexy resume, funerals, Miami, going to a Secret Keepers Club show.
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27: Do Pigs Have Skulls?

Rachel talks about vampires, starting cults, yoga, halloween costumes, Vampirina, trick-or-treating, therapy, haggling, flea markets, butcher shops, p...
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26: Best Frenzies

Rachel talks about kinky apps, Disney movies, anxiety, texting, frenzies, and sugar cereal.
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25: I Love Your Penis

Rachel talks about going to Sexy Suz, kinks, rearranging work for sex, going back to work after sex, sexy clothing, the weather, saying I love you, da...
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