Nature Solves Problems


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Learning more about the forces of nature can solve health and wealth challenges

Documented breathing excerise

When I first heard of this to heal my acne, I said to myself, "I know how to breathe". I ran cross country in middle, high school, and college, so I d...
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Digestive diseases

If you or someone you know is dealing with a digestive disease, you'll want to learn and research everything about oxygenating to restore balance, wat...
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Green construction

What to watch for, look out for, ask about, it's not as simple as people make it out to be. Interviews with The World's Greatest Roofer, a recently in...
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How does solar work?

We speak with a homeowner who was just installed in Rhode Island. What to ask about before getting solar or switching cable providers. This answers so...
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Alzheimer's ideas

Pranayam is an ancient Indian breathing exercise that's 5,000 years old. Visit to find answers to hundreds of health questions. Goo...
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