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The Necessary Bullshit Podcast is an experimental, ongoing conversation, between a progressive and a libertarian. Hosts Josh Simpson and Ian Savage tackle issues in philosophy, politics, society and culture, the media, film and entertainment. Josh received his BFA in performance arts from Southern Oregon University. He is an actor and a 2013 company member of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and is currently a company member of the Eugene Shakespeare in the Park. He is also a writer and social commentator, writing on issues of love, relationships, mental illness, and optimism. He writes on his personal blog at Ian studies philosophy at the University of Oregon. He is a writer and novelist, writing about topics varying from Nietzsche, nihilism and pessimism, values, liberalism in politics, science fiction and its commentary on current issues, and existentialism. He writes on his personal blog at You can follow them both on Twitter @theonlyoneblog and @modernoverman respectively. You can also follow the podcast on Twitter @NecessaryBSPod

Episode #78: Mask of Tyranny

In this episode, Josh and Ian speak about the latest state mask mandates and the perception of tyranny by citizens. They talk about people's init...
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Bonus #13: Inside Bo Burnham

In this bonus episode, Josh and Ian discuss the latest Netflix special from comedian Bo Burnham. They talk about Burnham's relevance to the cultu...
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Episode #73: B.S. Boulevard 7

On this B.S. Boulevard, Josh and Ian cover a variety of topics and give an update on their lives. They talk about early childhood and cognitive develo...
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