Neighborhood Guys


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Three guys from Chicago talk about life and current events with a humorous spin on it.

Episode 100 - Goodbye

The last episode is live with a bunch of people who have appeared on the show throughout the years. We get into a bunch of original topics, what happe...
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Episode 99.5 - The Announcement

Once again - if you were ever on episodes 1-99 and want to stop by to say something one last time feel free to come by sometime between 7-10. If you j...
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Episode 97 - Paint It Black

Eddie & Danny are joined by recurring guest Tommy Systems on today's show where they talk about The Rolling Stones concert, music, being a home owner,...
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Episode 94 - You Banged Your Cat?

Eddie & Danny are joined by nobody this week to talk about St. Patricks Day, a guy who definitely didn't fuck his cat, Millenial's having it rough, an...
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Episode 93 - Heineken Light

Neighborhood Guy OB joins the show to talk about being allergic to beer, the Good Burger car being for sale, drinking vanilla extract, and Danny possi...
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Episode 92 - Surprise

Neighborhood Guy Gill joins the show to talk about driving to Florida alone, Eddie's Mexico trip, and of course another surprise for Gill
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