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New Dad is a humorous journey through parenthood featuring some of the best parents across the country talking about the tough issues and decisions facing parents today.

A Toy Story: with Jesus Pete

Dad, toymaker, music festival organizer, and all around beautiful person Peter Greenley (otherwise known as Jesus Pete) joins Uncle Tickles and the Ne...
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The Grub Episode

Join Uncle Tickles, The Chicken Tender King of Minneapolis, and Michael Flynn as they wax poetic about their favorite meals growing up, who cooks in t...
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Uncle Tickles Mailbag

Uncle Tickles fields questions from the listeners of New Dad on an array of topics such as how has his tough upbringing shaped him as a parent, to his...
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Junky Babies and a Doherty Babe

New Dad bombshell ALERT!!! Unky Junky and Doherty Babe are having babies. Not with eachother to Tommy's dismay. These two best friends and little brot...
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Progress Report: Take Two

New Dad resident experts Jessica Brennan PsyD and Angela Nguyen in the fields of mind and body join Uncle Tickles to talk about everything that has ha...
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