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From the grass roots to the ballot box, we are witnessing an explosion of progressive political energy. New candidates are running for offices high and low—and they’re winning. "Next Left" is your front-row seat to this political upheaval: On this new podcast from The Nation magazine, National Affairs Correspondent John Nichols introduces us to the rising stars of the progressive constellation. These insurgent politicians let us into their lives, tell us their stories, and explain how they plan to change our country for the better. These are the people reshaping our politics by bringing bold, progressive policies to their cities, counties and states, and to DC—let's get to know them. If you believe politics are personal, this podcast is for you. Subscribe for new episodes every Tuesday.

24: No More Blue Dog Democrats!

Jessica Cisneros is having a moment. She's 26-year-old lawyer from Laredo, Texas, is making her first bid for office in a district that stretches alon...
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