No Applause Just The Clap


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No Applause Just the Clap is a living breathing autopsy of Pop Culture. Deb and Doug dissect, deconstruct, and discuss movies, books, music, comics, and television with insight and hilarious conversation.

288 What Claps May Come

SPOILERS Deb, Ryan, and Doug have a riff-tactic episode about dreams, the CW, and Spider-Man Miles Morales, and everything in between
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287 No Applause Just the Vomit

SPOILERS! It's a No Applause Nerd Vomit crossover episode! Deb and Doug are joined by Nerd Vomit co-host Kristina to talk about RIP Sean Connery, Aven...
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286 Claptain Underpants

The Trinity meet to have a dual awkward opening, revisit Ballistic Kiss and The Boys, and Doug preordered Cyberpunk 2077
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285 Eyes Wide Clap

Awkward mouth talk, Ballistic Kiss revisited, Borderlands 3 DLC, She Hulk, and a RBG ending
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284 Clap-brella Academy

SPOILERS! The Trinity return! Probate opening, Casablanca theories, Fire Saga, painters in porn, Stargirl season finale, Umbrella Academy season 2, an...
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283 30 Clap

A Squirrel contest, 30 Rock vs Parks and Rec, Zim vs Zim, Sandman, and Ghost of Tsushima
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282 The Grand Clap

SPOILERS Deb, Ryan, and Doug FINALLY sit down in person to talk The Grand Dark, Fight Club 3, Mr Robot, Last of Part 2 (HUGE SPOILERS) and the love/ha...
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281 DC Creators Panel

Deb and Doug ran into some scheduling issues so here's the Denver Pop Culture Con DC Creators panel (sorry for the audio)
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280 The Andromeda Clap

SPOILERS Deb and Doug talk about their respective quarantine distractions like Future Man, Upload, Destiny 2, and Chuck Palahniuk's Adjustment Day
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279 Clapdemic

SPOILERS Deb calls in and she and Doug talk Death Stranding vs iZombie, a baby Dexter pitch, Alita Battle Angel, Between Two Ferns, and Doug's video g...
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