No Little Plans


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In 2015, the United Nations challenged the world to meet 17 big goals that have one encompassing ambition: Leave no one behind. The Sustainable Development Goals are meant to improve the health of the planet and the lives of everyone on it. We have until 2030 to achieve them. This is No Little Plans, a podcast about the state of SDG progress in Canada, featuring many of the people who are doing the most to help this country succeed.

Repairing Justice in the Arctic

We look at policing in Canada’s eastern Arctic. What does safety look like for Inuit? And how do communities feel justice is being served?The criminal...
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Northern Connectivity

We do everything online—shopping, school, health care. So what happens when our communities don’t have reliable internet? In Episode 13 of No Little P...
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The Right To Be Cold

In the Arctic, warming temperatures are threatening Inuit communities’ food security, health and livelihoods.In the latest episode of No Little Plans,...
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The Learning Curve

Black students in Canada have higher dropout rates, suspensions and expulsions than their peers. In the latest episode of No Little Plans, we’re askin...
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No Little Plans Returns!

No Little Plans is back with a brand new host, Tokunbo Adegbuyi.  Produced in full during the COVID 19 pandemic, the podcast is back and ready to expl...
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Not-so-universal health care

In recent years—and especially during the Covid pandemic—lots of people have touted the benefits of Canada’s universal health care system. But how uni...
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Digital Ageism and Covid-19

By 2030, those over 65 will account for 23 percent of the population. The Covid-19 pandemic has put the lives of seniors under a spotlight. Getting on...
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The many emotions of eco grief

The term ecological grief captures the profound sense of loss, dread and fear people feel when trying to cope with climate change. We talk about this ...
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But what about drugs?

The Sustainable Development Goals aim to improve the most important things about life on Earth. The prevention and treatment of substance abuse is tar...
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