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Sunday messages from NorthCross Lutheran Church in Lakeville, MN

The Road Ahead Part 5: Connected

Did you know that good relationships keep us healthier and happier? Unfortunately, we live at a time where the number of people who admit to being "lo...
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The Road Ahead Part 4: Resilient

There are things in life that have the potential to damage you emotionally, spiritually, and physically. You can either be surprised when those things...
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The Road Ahead Part 3: Deliberate

One reason the future brings uncertainty is because it is beyond your control. God does not expect you to control what happens next, but he does show ...
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The Road Ahead Part 2: Purpose

When plans for the future fall through, you fall back on your priorities. Are you sure that your priorities line up with God's purpose for you? Jesus ...
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The Road Ahead Part 1: Confident

When it comes to the road ahead, what you are most focused on will determine where you end up. As we kick off this new series, you'll see what it mean...
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Revelation Part 6: The Next Life

What will heaven be like? How do you picture it in your mind? In this final part of our series, you will see how the book of Revelation describes what...
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