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EP10 - Impromptucasting

Derek (dege13) and I decided to record our conversation while driving back from the Niagara Video Game Swap. This is that conversation, enjoy!https://...
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EP9 - Cirque de VR

After apologizing for lying to all of you once again (this is bad for our relationship), I tell you all the wonder that is Cirque de Soleil and the cr...
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EP7 - Fishing E3!

In this month's super late podcast, I talk about why the episode is SO late, some BGE memories, my latest in fishing escapades, and some E3 talk to ke...
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EP6 - Don't Be A D*ck

In today's episode, I talk about the usual stuff I've been watching and playing. Included are my frustrations with modern games, mainly the XBone, an ...
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EP5 - Movies and More!

I talk mostly about the movies I've been watching (which there have been A LOT) and a couple games. I also go over my current plan for my video game c...
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EP3 - I'm An Adult!

This month has been a bit crazy! I talk about buying a Switch from Best Buy and other frustrations. Also I discuss the many movies and tv shows that I...
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EP2 - Games of 2017!

In this podcast, I discuss the games that I beat during the year 2017 and my thoughts on them.
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EP1 - Hardest Games!

Hey everyone! Thanks for listening to the very first episode of the Not So Special Podcast! In this episode, I have a very special guest named Console...
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