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A humoristic look at the problems, challenges, and advantages Parents face while raising children in the world today. Hosted by Actor/Comedian Lenny Schmidt and Child/Teen therapist Robert Robbins.

NYFS Ep. 12 “Divorce”

We had to get to it eventually. Robert and I talk about divorce and the affect it has on kids of all ages, before, during, and after the whole process...
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NYFS Ep. 9 “Discussing Suicide”

“Discussing Suicide” – Not Your Fathers Show Ep. 9 The suicide rate raises every year. “Thirteen Reasons Why”, Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade, Robin Wil...
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NYFS Ep. 8: “Life Skills”

We are back and officially on ITunes!! This week Robert and I discuss “Life Skills”…ya know. Paying yer bills, driving somewhere, cleaning your bathro...
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NYFS Ep. 6 – “Learn to Lose”

This one is inspired by my daughter who was overly excited about the “C” she got on an English test. It’s dedicated to the “Trophy Generation”. Robert...
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