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Nothing's Really Real is a podcast based out of Busan, South Korea, where we talk about art, music, comedy ... and anything else.

(Ep 79) The Coronavirus Series #8

Chris Tharp was called away to attend a family emergency mid recording so Sam Hazelton and I wrap things up with conversation about the worst jobs we’...
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(Ep 78) The Coronavirus Series #7

It's episode 7 of the coronavirus series! You all know the deal. Once again, I'll be updating this description after listening to this episode after i...
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(Ep 77) The Coronavirus Series #6

We’ll call this the sixth episode of the series, while really it’s the seventh. We got together twice to record this and trashed the first take – and ...
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(Ep 76) The Coronavirus Series #5

It’s the fifth installment of the Coronavirus Series with Chris Tharp and Sam Hazelton. This time we talk about how out of shape and disgusting I look...
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(Ep 75) The Coronavirus Series #4

We’ve got another round of Covid-19 and Friends with Chris Tharp, Sam Hazelton, and special guest this week, Steve Feldman. We shoot the breeze about ...
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(Ep 73) Open Mic

Enjoy a Saturday night in Busan. It’s an open mic podcast! Due to the state of the world, I’ve harnessed the power of the internet and friendship to g...
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(Ep 72) COVID-19 and Friends PT. 2

We’re back folks! Plans have changed and I’m sticking around in Korea for the undetermined future. I’ve decided to turn Covid-19 and Friends into a se...
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(Ep 71) COVID - 19 and Friends

Chris Tharp and Sam Hazelton join me to rant about the Coronavirus and the democratic primaries as we practice a semi-quarantined life here in Busan, ...
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(Ep 70) Now It's Dark Movie Podcast

In this longest episode I’ve released to date, I do a cross-over show with two of my favorite podcaster friends: Mike and Tim from the Now It’s Dark M...
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