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Health, Wellness, and Other Things that Make a Difference

Episode 12 - Sinus Wonderland

In this episode I share insights on tackling and improving sinus conditions. Thanks for neti pot, nutrition, diet, hydration, red light therapy, infra...
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Episode 11 - The Problem With Food

In today's episode I discuss all the things that have been done to food over the last 50 years chemicals to genetic modification to soil erosion. It p...
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Episode 10 - Keeping On

This episode is on the general concepts of perseverance, and trying new things until you reach your goal. Hang in there, and stay the course. ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬...
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Episode 7 - New Year Prep

Hey all,  Happy 2021, in this episode I will discuss how to prepare for a new year, and prepare for leveling up to actually get things done that are i...
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Episode 6 - Making a Better Way

With all the things going on, I wanted to shed some light on how to bring out your best. Drink some water, take a deep breath, and tune in to what's g...
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Episode 5 - Keeping Cool

Here is an update from when I was in Mexico in July, and why I was there, where I spend 6 months exploring different food, drink and absorbing the cul...
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Episode 3

Today's talk is on relaxing, getting centered amongst crises, and I provide tips to keep yourself on track centered, and as healthy as possible.
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