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25- How to Have Fun with Politics

Politics, while important, can be extremely stressful. In this episode, I talk about how to keep engaged and informed without losing your mind. Politi...
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23- Envisioning 2020

Today, I discuss the pop culture moments I am most excited for in 2020. From video games to rock bands, I have so much I'm excited to experience. Even...
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22- Thinking too Fast #3

We are rounding out this year with one last edition of Thinking Too Fast! In 2 minutes of less, I'll discuss topics such as my favorite YouTubers, not...
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21- Soup

Yes, this episode is all about my love of that cozy treat, soup. Be nice to me, okay? I have a cold. Potato Soup : https://12tomatoes.com/baked-potato...
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20- NYCC and Halloween

In this episode, I discuss my experience with New York Comic Con and costuming. I discuss the goods and bads of the Comic Con experience and how I cre...
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18- Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland

Today, we have our first in our amusement park series! My friend Tyler Powell is back to discuss Galaxy's Edge, Disney's new Star Wars sections. We al...
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17- On the Floor at D-23

Today, we talk to Tyler Powell, who was able to go to D-23, Disney's convention. We discuss the announcements, experiences available on the ground and...
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