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Off the record is a DJ related podcast by Crossfader. We're an online DJ community that review the latest DJ products, provide online DJ courses, tips, tricks and more to the DJ industry. Listen as we chat about all things DJ related, from beginner to advanced DJ equipment, how to get DJ gigs, the do's and don'ts of the industry plus much more! New episodes every two weeks!

Denon DJ answer your questions!

In this very special episode of Off The Record, Jamie sits down with Jay Cunningham and Jason Stout from Denon DJ to learn more about this iconic DJ b...
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What Is A Katie?

In this episode of Off The Record, the usual team is joined by Katie. Katie is an integral part of the Crossfader family and in this episode we find o...
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Our journey in music!

In this episode of Off The Record, the team sit down and discuss their own journey in music. From early tastes to guilty pleasures, Jamie Hartley, Law...
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2020, What Just Happened?

We're back! In this, the first episode of the second series, we take a look back at what's just happened with the global pandemic and how it's affecte...
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