Old Friends & Old Fashioneds


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An audio journey for your soul. Ronan O'Brien and 2-3 drunk friends talk nonsense, give life advice and get a little weird. Listen to us, love us and be better for it.

Women Can't See Ghosts

I ramble a lot on this one while nick tries to derail me the whole time and bill wants to know our celeb look-alikes. We also talk about emo music for...
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Ejaculation Related Conundrums

James, Nick and I talk a lot about cartoons and Nick gives the first ever retraction on the podcast. But then at the 48 minute mark do we really take ...
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2 Bears 1 Cub

I have two friends from kentucky who I've never met in real life and they are on this episode to tell you all wild stories.
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Tik Tok is a Young Man's Game

Nick, Bill and I take about everything here. Do you like apex predators, your parents private lives, pie and or cake? Do you hate Tik Tok? This is an ...
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Feet Pics and Oreos

Jenn, Hannah and I eat treats and take a dep dive into the weird world of sugar ddy twitter.
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The Foods You Love Are Overrated

Your favorite food is overrated. This episode was recorded a life time ago but listen anyways. Also I inadvertently start an Irish-Italian race war wi...
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