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A podcast dealing with issues of freedom, power, wealth and success

The Bismarck-Style

Most people use a very „hard“ style when dealing with other, in particular if there is a lot at stake for them. In this podcast I reccommend another w...
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Zwecklose Debatten

Viel Zeit und Energie wird im Leben mit sinnlosen Diskussionen und Auseinandersetzungen vertan. Jedoch ist den meisten bei kühler Betrachtung der Situ...
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Useless debates

Useless dabates will enter our life very easily, if we let them. They cost us a lot of time and energy and don’t give as any benefit in return. If we ...
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Why you must abstain from porn

By the developement of modern media, especially the internet, pornography has become a major issue of society. Most people think pornography would be ...
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Warum das Leben kurz ist

Zeit wird von uns Menschen sehr unterschiedlich empfunden. Je nachdem Situation und Einstellung erscheint uns eine Minute wie eine Ewigkeit oder wie e...
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Why life is short

The perception of time is subject to big differences from individual to individual, from situation to situation and from attitude to attitude. A minut...
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