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It's Chit-chat time. Let's talk about everything and anything.

# 23 - It's the swahili episode.

Heyyy people,as promised in a previous episode,I did a swahili episode on this week's episode.You can rate my mastery of the swahili language btw???I ...
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#22-It's SEPTEMBER!!

It's September already??Time has really flown this year.Here is another episode,please make sure to Listen and share.Stay safe and I know it's soo col...
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#21- Are Women our own enemies?!

Heyyy... Welcome back to the pod.On this week's episode I share my thoughts on a topic that has had discussion for a long time.Enjoy the episode and a...
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# 20 Happy Friendship Day.

Hey Bros??Welcome back to the pod.On this episode we celebrate the people in our lives who are our friends.Thank you to everyone who sent in their Voi...
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#Ep.17. I would,you??

Welcome back to the podcast and thank you so much for listening.Remember to stay at home if you can and stay safe.♥️♥️♥️.
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Today,the 21st of June we celebrate Father's day.On today's episode we join the rest of the world to celebrate this day.Happy Father's Day to our dads...
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