One Direction Unreleased Masterpieces️


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Also the petition for them to release the Unreleased songs as a whole new album

Lay down - One Direction

"It's not too late for us to save this" Ohk that hit hard

Very , hard

Again the music and the lyrics are just perfect and sad af but th...

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Trouble - One Direction

This just straight up reminded me of the goofy moments of our boys and Dad Paul dealing with them

"And I don’t even know you

But I feel...

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Hunger - One Direction

The spice Dayyymmnn

But also the depressed lyrics

The lyrics The vocals The cover

*on my knees but also sobbing*

We want ...

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Without you - One Direction

This song feels like something we'd sing for the boys
It kinda express how we feel without them pretty accurately "Do we have to change Can't we ...
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