One Thing Real Quick


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A single question sparks a focused interview with a creative leader. Host and Graphic Designer Evan MacDonald invites a variety of creatives including designers, filmmakers, writers, musicians, photographers, and others who use creativity each day in their work. Each conversation sheds light on a small corner of the creative world. The show seeks to bring forward stories and insights relevant to all creative people in a spirit of inclusion and a belief that everyone has something to add to the larger conversation about design and creativity.


Thanks to all who listened to season one of this podcast. Thanks to my family and all those who supported me while creating it. Thanks to John M. Crai...
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Rachel Alina – Mixing Engineer

Meet Rachel Alina, a Brooklyn-based mixing engineer, poet, and instructor at Berklee College of Music. She's been in the studio with Gabriel Garzon-Mo...
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Brand Naming Expert Misty Johnson

The Guest Misty Johnson is a brand strategist with a specialty in brand naming. She has nearly 20 years experience helping brands name, rename, merge,...
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Designing a Creative Culture

This week on the podcast, we’re playing a presentation made by Evan MacDonald about creativity. Back in August of 2017, Evan was invited to speak at t...
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Niles Grey – Filmmaker

Niles Grey is a filmmaker and director with experience working independently and on the content teams at both GoPro and Moment. His work at GoPro and ...
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