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Former Pro-Wrestling Champion and Fitness Business Owner Alex Thorn and Guest Co-Hosts Take a look back at Classic Pro Wrestling PPV's and Review the highs and low's of yesterday.

WWE Wrestlemania 37

Season 4 Comes to a head with The Return of Fans to Pro Wrestling Shows. Wrestlemania 37 is HERE! A 2 Night Extravaganza, Which featured An Epic Main ...
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WWF Wrestlemania 9

One of the most controversial moments in Wrestlemania History And Also, One Of Our Favorite Moments EVER! Join Alex Thorn And Danny Garcia As They Go ...
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Wrestlemania 14

WWF Jumps Forward With Creating New Stars As WCW Trails Behind. The Legion Of Doom Return With Sunny, The Undertaker Takes On Kane For the First time,...
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Wrestlemania 3

Hulk Hogan Marks His Place In History As He Slams Andre The Giant In The Middle Of The Ring At the Wrestlemania That Solidified WWF Forever! Join Alex...
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WCW SuperBrawl 8

Alex Thorn And Danny Garcia Take A Look At The Fallout To The Biggest Match In WCW History Hulk  Hogan Vs. Sting With A Rematch That Is Much Better Th...
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WWF No Way Out 2002

Season 4 Rolls On With WWF No Way Out 2002! A Card That Would Feature The Rock Vs. The Undertaker, Triple H Vs. Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho Vs. Stone Co...
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WWE Royal Rumble 2021

WWE Goes into 2021 in full swing without missing a step with The 2021 Edition Of The Royal Rumble, Join Alex Thorn and Danny Garcia As They Enjoy The ...
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WWF Royal Rumble 1990

Alex Thorn And Danny Garcia Return For Season 4 Of The Over AF Wrestling Podcast With The Golden Era of WWF. Royal Rumble 1990 Includes Hulk Hogan, Ul...
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WCW Halloween Havoc 1998

Season 3 Comes To A Close With WCW Halloween Havoc 1998! Also, Our Game Of The Week Is WCW Mayhem For The Playstation And Nintendo 64! See You All In ...
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WCW Halloween Havoc 1996

With Only 2 Episodes Left This season, Dangerous Danny And Alex Thorn Continue the Spooky Ride down Memory Lane to 1996 With WCW Halloween Havoc. In t...
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