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OVA Miraculous Ladybug podcasts.

Mystery Miraculous Ladybug Episode

We play a fun game with two people who haven’t watched Ladybug before: they’ve been assigned an episode to watch and others try to guess which one it ...
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Shipping Archetypes

We go over several relationship archetypes that are frequently discussed and go through examples of notable animation ships that fall under those arch...
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Hawk Daddy: The Podcast

It’s all about Hawk Moth from Miraculous Ladybug on this week’s podcast, in Overly Animated Presents “Hawk Daddy: The Podcast”! Hosts this week: Dylan...
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Best of 2020 TV Animation

We go through all our favorites of the year from 2020 Western TV animation after giving all of our thoughts on the recent Adventure Time Obsidian spec...
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