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D.C. is not a sports town, it's an entertainment town and sports are our entertainment.

Play to Win 2020 Draft Preview

Adam Epstein, Ryan Lee, Kevin Manetti and Patrick Murphey break down the biggest storylines of the 2020 NFL Draft. Follow P2WRadio on all platforms fo...
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Risen Yeast

What is your favorite sandwich bread? Are you into pretzel buns? Who doesn't love the bread at the Italian Store? The guys talk risen yeast in their l...
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Play to Win 103 - Old Man Radio

Episode 3 kicks off with a tennis Tip from Adam, his Dad says he's a pretty good player. The guys talk about Dude Food, dishing out Super Bowl app sug...
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Splash Pod

The Adam Epstein solo pod is here! Adam can't get over Amazon's show, The Boys. He's obsessed and telling everyone. The guys from Get up and Get out, ...
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