Paradise Lost: Crime in Miami


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Paradise Lost: Crime in Miami is a conversation between friends, both South Florida natives, about the notorious true crime cases that have occurred in their home state. Each episode cohosts Kareem Tabsch and Joey Daoud narrate the facts of the case, with details, anecdotes and general color offered by an interview guest with a connection to the crime - journalists who covered it, the investigators who solved it, survivors or the perpetrators.  In each episode we share the story of true crimes committed right under the Florida sun, from the outrageous to the utterly bizarre.

Cruising to Nowhere: Gus Boulis

Greek immigrant Gus Boulis was an American success story. He built a popular fast-food chain throughout South Florida before embarking on his ultimate...
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Supermarket Slayer: Manuel Marin

Manuel Marin built a supermarket empire catering to South Florida's growing Hispanic population. The business made him millions but kept him away from...
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The Perfect Bride: Fred Keller

At the helm of a Palm Beach real estate fortune that exceeded 100 million dollar and after several failed marriages, Fred Keller was determined to fin...
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