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A comedy podcast where a girlfriend gossips to her boyfriend about Caroline Calloway's infamous Instagram antics... and for some reason he listens.

The May (December) Ball

In the final episode of season one, Shay and Ryan go back to their roots as Shay tells Ryan the story of Caro's May (December) Ball. Thank you so much...
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The Lydia Episode

It's finally heeeere! Join Shay, Ryan and their snark fam guest Alli as they deep dive into the enigma that is Lydia Mark. 
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Snark Fam Interview: Tcurb

It's the episode y'all have been waiting for! Shay and Ryan interview the famed parody snarker Tcurb and have way too much fun. Stay tuned for a surpr...
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Snark Fam Interview: Sophie Ross

In this week's episode, we start off a series of Snark Fam interviews where Shay and Ryan bring in people from the snarking community and let them cho...
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Caro Goes West!

In this episode we go over what happens when Caroline goes to LA! We cover the very end of the Natalie story, Caroline's potential movie deal, the mal...
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