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Welcome to Passing Time with Will and Dan, where we answer your questions, whether they be hypothetical, ridiculous, and/or serious. If you'd like to participate, tweet your question with #PassingTimeCast or email us at

Episode 35: Burger Queen

Topics: Work Be Crazy, Disappearing Tacos, No Soda, Update From Alex, Shower Rat, Trading Glasses, Head Divot, Burger Queen, No Foods, Feeling Like Wa...
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Episode 34: Dumb Babies

Topics: The Podcast, First Mail, Best Rock, Paternal Pranks, Games or Homecoming. We'll answer your questions, whether they be hypothetical, ridiculou...
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Episode 33: Super Late Advice

Topics: Video Game Man Actors, Looking Forward To Games This Year, Lots of Money or School, Something Dan's Dad Has Never Said Before. We'll answer yo...
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Episode 32: Tandem Twins

Topics: Last-Minute Trip, Old Dog, Sulfer Burps, Bad Dogs, Worst Road Trip Ever, Dan Getting Old: Part 3, Garbage Disposal Stomachs, Doing Things By Y...
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Episode 30: Man Eats Big Food

Oh man, the world building we made for Video Game Man got pretty deep. This might show up again in the future. Topics: Fireworks and Accidents, Realit...
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Episode 29: Questionable Episode

Topics: Orb of Avoidance, Cut with a Spoon, Movie Franchise, Fast Food Hybrids. We'll answer your questions, whether they be hypothetical, ridiculous,...
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Episode 28: Dan Won't Shut Up

Let's just say I titled the episode immediately after we stopped recording. And for that, I'm sorry. -Dan Topics: Living Solo, Look at the Movie, Lego...
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Episode 27: Medium-Well Grandma

Topics: Father's Day, Avoiding Kid Interactions, Cat Dad, Kids Looking for Kids, First Advice Question: Stand Up. We'll answer your questions, whether...
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