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To support this ministry financially, visit: Pastor Robert Morris Ministries is a half-hour television program featuring insightful teaching from Pastor Robert Morris and dynamic worship with the Gateway Worship.

The Four Living Creatures

Pastor Robert shares what the four living creatures in the Bible reveal about our live as believers and God’s grace for us.
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Pastor Robert concludes the seriesby showing how God’s Word lights up the darkness in the world today.
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Pastor Robert explains how we need our spiritual eyes opened to understand the Bible.
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Pastor Robert demonstrates how various symbols throughout the Bible can give us a greater revelation of God and His ways.
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Pastor Robert explains that when Jesus rose from the grave, He defeated the enemy. 
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Pastor Robert explains the benefits of reading God’s Word daily.
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Pastor Robert continues the More than Words series by explaining how God’s Word is the water of life.
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Pastor Robert begins the series with a message about how the Bible has the power to transform you and fully satisfy your spiritual needs.
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