People Who Surf

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Former Surfer magazine editor Chris Mauro talks to a wide variety of wave riders shaping opinion both in the water and out. While surf history, culture and craft serve as the usual jumping off points, topics range wildly due to the diversity of surfing's global reach.

Chris Malloy back in the saddle

Chris Malloy is the eldest of the famed Malloy surfing trio (big-brother to Keith and Dan) and the first to become an award-winning documentary filmma...
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Troy Eckert's Radical Voyage

After becoming employee number one at Volcom in 1991 at the age of 18, Troy Eckert spent the next two decades reshaping the landscape of surf, skate a...
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Nick Carroll

Before Nick Carroll became a treasured journalist and celebrated author, he was one of many red-hot surfers from Sydney’s northern beach of Newport. M...
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Dr. Bryan Doonan

In the early 90s, Bryan Doonan and his identical twin brother Kent were two of Quiksilver's budding pro stars. They were two of the hottest surfing ta...
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Episode 1: Don Craig

Don Craig is "Exhibit A" when presenting the case that "old guys rule." At 70, he's still ripping San Onofre, Church, and Trestles on a regular basis....
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