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A podcast showcasing poetry and spoken word. We travel the UK to talk to rising stars and established poets. Submissions always welcome.

S6 Ep8: Scarlett Ward

Series 6 Episode 8 Scarlett Ward - We talk about Scarlett's collection 'Ache' out on Verve Poetry Press as well as recovery, form and playing with poe...
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S6 Ep7: Wise Talk Collective

Series 6 Episode 7 Wise Talk Collective - We talk about Wise Talk Collective's show 'The Art of Losing', differing writing styles and much more! Poetr...
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S6 Ep6: Cecilia Knapp

Series 6 Episode 6 Cecilia Knapp - We talk about Cecilia's role as Young Person's Poet Laureate for London, the power of poetry, publication/ rejectio...
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S6 Ep5: Louise Hale

Series 6 Episode 5 Louise Hale - We talk about Louise's work to date, cockney heritage, working class writers and much more! Poetry recitals from Loui...
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S6 Ep4: The Thirsty Poet

Series 6 Episode 4 The Thirsty Poet - We talk about Matt's performing poetry, The Thirsty Poet and much more! Poetry recitals from The Thirsty Poet an...
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S6 Ep3: Hollie McNish

Series 6 Episode 3 Hollie McNish - We talk about Hollie's forthcoming collection 'Slug' out in May as well as sex education, parenthood and much more!...
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S6 Ep2: Ted Sherman

Series 6 Episode 2 Ted Sherman - We talk about Ted's love affair with Haiku, his poetry collection for children and much more! Poetry recitals from Te...
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S6 Ep1: Tyrone Lewis

Series 6 Episode 1 Tyrone Lewis - We talk about Tyrone's collection 'Blackish' out on Burning Eye Books as well as slam poetry, labels and much more! ...
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S5 Ep6: Matt Abbott

Series 5 Episode 6 Matt Abbott - We talk about Matt's collection 'Two Little Ducks' out on Verve Poetry Press as well as his children's collection 'A ...
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