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Hello, this is Dr. James Veltmeyer and welcome to my podcast show: “Physician on a Mission.” I am a family physician and past Congressional candidate in San Diego, CA. I am on a mission to find smart, common sense solutions to many of our most challenging problems as a society. I am a proud legal immigrant to the United States, arriving here when I was just eleven years old.

The FBI: The American Gestapo?

In this episode, Dr. Veltmeyer discusses the fall of an organization once considered the greatest law enforcement organization in the world, the Feder...
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Your Papers, Please!

In this important episode, Dr. Veltmeyer addresses the totalitarian implications of so-called "vaccine passports" and the clear danger this scheme pos...
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Where are America's Unions

In this episode, Dr. Veltmeyer addresses the issue of America's labor unions abandoning America's working class in favor of an unholy allian...
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The Equality Act

Today, Dr. Veltmeyer discusses the so-called "Equality Act" proposed by radical left Democrats in Congress. This dangerous piece of legislation is ide...
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Physician on a Mission: The Book

In this video, Dr. James Veltmeyer discusses his new book, Physician on a Mission: Dr. Veltmeyer's RX to Save America.In “Physician on a Mission:...
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