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The Podcast with an open forum that will talk about anything and everything so if you have any suggestions about topics, questions or crazy stories be sure to visit our Facebook and Instagram pages by searching our Podcast or by emailing us directly at picklesandnipples@yahoo.com and stay tuned for a new episode every Monday!


Hello Party People we would like to inform you that we have made a transition and decided to change our brand to THE WAY OF THE BEAR also we have a hu...
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Episode037 We Have Failed You

Hellos Partys Peoples Firs of all I want to apologize for uploading the episode so late (it was pickles' fault) But we are still here pushing forward ...
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EP 036 Testing the waters!

Hello Party people!! we wanted to mess with some video footage to test out and be able to be on youtube to give you great content that you can't just ...
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EP 035 The week Before Christmas

Hello Party People! this episode was the last episode before Christmas which was the last episode before Nipples went on Vacation. (Lucky B****) we me...
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Episode 033 We are here!

Hello party people here is episode 33 for ya!! I know we've been gone for a couple of weeks and we apologize for that. Work has been through the roof ...
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Ep 032 Let's Kick it!

Hello Party People!! Today we talk about what the future could bring technology wise we discuss a few movies that are coming out and also talk about o...
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Episode 031 shit is weird today

Hello Party People today we discuss random things that are going on and funny sh*t we find on the web hope you enjoy are weirdness and don't forget to...
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Episode 20 — Shawn Solo

Hello party people!! Here's episode 20 for you guys to enjoy. the episode was not available for all our Soundcloud listeners do to using different rec...
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