Pilates Real Time Broadcast


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Pilates Real Time Broadcast with Janette Jones covers several subjects, starting with building a sustainable Pilates business in our real time globalized ecenomy. By applying a new business formula, Pilates teachers can pre-plan for their professional futures in our industry, to become the next generation successors. It's prime time we bring our collective current small business operations and professional performance up to the next level. Janette's listeners say that she is delightful to listen to, as she offers how to turn leading edge thoughts into profitable action. Janette aims to support teachers in her Pilates field to accelerate their journey toward success, by gleaning from her sage wiscom from 30 years in the massage and Pilates indistries. Listen to Pilates Real Time Broadcast to keep your mind turning out  fresh ideas for the longevity of your own Pilates practice. Also, check out Janette's live, interactive webinars where she can answer real time challenges we face in our industry, to guide us all along a smoother path to our livelihood as teacehrs. Thank you for listening to Pilates Real Time Broadcast! JJ