Plot Twists in Real Life


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Hello my dear People! I am Shaino and this is my first podcast! Here you will find some amazing, heartwarming and slice-of-life- plot twists from some real lives! I hope you all enjoy accompanying me in this podcast journey and be inspired, amazed and amused! Thank you! (Music: Happy at Home by Lesfm on pixabay)

Opportunity: The one I missed

What opportunity did Ms. Sanchita miss that she regrets so much? Well, come and join us because this opportunity is not be missed! We don't...

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Me and that Girl in my class!

Ms. Bisni had just enrolled to a new school in 2010 and things took a turn when she met that girl in her class! This episode, we will take ...

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A Narrow escape

Mr. Judas was one among the passengers in the Karjat fast local train that took off from CSTM in the year 2003 which had a devastating fate...

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My pieces of Academic Puzzle

An academic story of this super Woman who did not waver to choose what she wanted and sailed across academic stream changes, hammering ques...

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It's Okay to Not be Okay!

Public speaking makes me really nervous and yet, there I was, on stage in front of so many people! What happens next? Come join me as I tak...

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Stranded yet Memorable!

Stranded yet Memorable, that's all I know! This one is a surprise story and I am as curious and excited as you are to know what it is! Join...

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Closed and Opened Doors!

Just when I thought I got it, there it went... the door was closed leaving me outside in the dust! But did I stop there? Off course not! I ...

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